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Drawers & Doors

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191 N. Magnolia Ave. Unit A
Anaheim, CA US

www.drawersanddoors.com, is a division of PEAK Marketing LLC who provides Blum products packaged for retail sales.  

Our founder has nearly a decade of cabinet hardware experience and worked as a manufacturers representative for Blum Inc. His knowledge of Blum product, as well as general cabinetry is a major asset to our company.

PEAK Marketing LLC has aligned itself with only the best suppliers in the industry, to help us offer you superior service, and products at a competitive price.

As our business expands, we will offer products from other manufacturers. However, before we add new products, we will research them for quality, and reliability. If they do not live up to our strict standards, then they will not be offered on our website. We at drawersanddoors.com have your best interests in mind.

Thanks for shopping with us!